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Americans at Risk of Drinking Lead Contaminated Water

Drinking water contains more than just hydrogen and oxygen and some of the substances it contains can even be dangerous and deadly if ingested for a long amount of time. This is the case of lead, a harmful metal that is often found in tap water and that should be removed in order to prevent serious health issues. Americans are at risk of drinking lead contaminated water after various tests have shown that the amounts of lead in water have reached alarming levels.

The flaws in the system

Although the lead issue has not been considered a real concern lately, new studies reveal that the authorities have failed to reduce the amounts of lead found in the drinking water and that over 18 million Americans are at risk of being poisoned with lead. This dangerous metal reaches water through the pipes that transport it and it was the authorities’ job and priority to provide the citizens with clean and safe drinking water. It appears that they have failed at this job as the latest tests reveal that the majority of the states and counties in America have water with high levels of lead in it. Over 5,300 water systems all over America do not follow the regulations regarding drinking water safety, which is a violation of the of the EPA rules.
The matter is even more serious as it is reported that the federal agency in charge with making sure all the regulations are being followed was aware of the inconsistencies and has done nothing to make things right. This incompetence put people at risk of lead poisoning, which is not something to be joking about.

Why is lead so dangerous

Among all the contaminants that can be found in the drinking water, lead is by far the most dangerous because it causes severe brain damage and it can even lead to the death of more sensitive individuals, such as children. Lead damages the nervous system and stops the proper development of brain cells, which in small children can have devastating effects. The signs and symptoms of lead poisoning include developmental delay, problems in concentrating, fatigue, irritability, sleep problems, headaches, loss of appetite, and more.

What can you do about it

Americans are advised to protect themselves from lead poisoning by installing a water filtration system at home. Such a device can eliminate lead from the water and can assure them the water they drink will not affect their health in any way. Whole house water filters containing activated carbon cartridges are highly efficient in removing lead from the drinking water and it’s recommended that people only drink water that has been filtered.