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Real Comparison between the Best Water Ionizers of the Moment

It’s no mystery that the alkaline ionized water provided by the water ionizers offers superior hydration and a load of health benefits. To make it easier for you to choose what water ionizer to go with if you want to be able to replace drinking unhealthy tap water with healthy alkaline ionized water, read the following lines. Here you will see a great comparison between the best water ionizers of the moment, more precisely a comparison between the Enagic Leveluk Super 501, the Bawell Platinum Ionizer, and the Kangen Leveluk SD501.


The type and number of plates that the water ionizer uses is a great indicator of the unit’s water ionizing capabilities. When it comes to the number of plates used, both the Bawell Platinum Ionizer and the Kangen Leveluk SD501 use 7 plates. The Enagic Leveluk Super 501 tops the other 2 models here, using an astounding number of 12 plates. On the other hand, when it comes to the type of plates that these water ionizers use, they all use solid titanium platinum coated plates.


Water ionizers can either use a single filter or a dual filter system. It’s best to go with a model that uses a dual filter system because it has superior filtering capabilities. This comes in handy especially if you live in an area where the municipal water is highly polluted. Unfortunately, the Enagic Leveluk Super 501 model and the Kangen Leveluk SD501 model use a single filter, which makes them lose in front of the Bawell Platinum Ionizer which uses a dual filter system, making it superior when it comes to filtering impurities.

pH capability

The pH capability shows what pH range the water ionizer offers. Of course, the bigger the range, the better. The Enagic Leveluk Super 501 has a pH range of 2.4 to 12.0, the Kangen Leveluk SD501 has a pH range of 2.5 to 11.0, and the Bawell Platinum Ionizer has a pH range of 2.0 to 12.0. According to the pH capability, the Bawell Platinum Ionizer is superior to the other 2 models.

Self-cleaning capabilities

A useful feature that you should take into account when buying a water ionizer is the unit’s self-cleaning capability. Better said, you should look for a unit that can automatically clean itself because it will provide safer and healthier drinking water. The Kangen Leveluk SD501 water ionizer doesn’t feature any self-cleaning capabilities, which is a major disadvantage. On the other hand, the Enagic Leveluk Super 501 features an automatic cleaning system, and the Bawell Platinum Ionizer features automatic reverse cleaning every time it starts up and shuts down.