Tips for Buying a Quality Water Filtration System

Water filtration systems can considerably improve the quality of the water you drink at home but their efficiency depends on some aspects that you have to pay attention to. With all the models you can find on the market, choosing the best could seem impossible but with the buying tips we give you below, things will be much easier. Keep reading and see how you can buy a quality water filtration system.

Look for a good manufacturer

Although it’s not a generally available rule, most quality water filters are offered by popular and reliable manufacturers with a large history behind. This assures you that you are using a good product designed to yield at its best and that you will enjoy a strong warranty in case anything happens to your water filtration system.

Test your water

There are many water contaminants existing in the tap water, from simple dirt and rust to dangerous heavy metals, bacteria, stinky gases, and more. Not all of them are found in your tap water so it’s best to know what exactly can be found in it so you will know what you need your water filter to eliminate. You can run some water tests at your local water company to determine the contaminants found in your tap water. This will help you find the water filter that will work against those particular contaminants.

Decide on the type of filter

Once you have determined the nature of the contaminants you are dealing with, it will be much easier for you to choose the type of filter that you need. The most popular water filters are the reverse osmosis models that include a membrane that stops larger particles from getting into your glass and the carbon activated ones that can handle even the smallest particles. The last model is the most suitable for home use because it can eliminate the unpleasant chlorine odor, heavy metals, and even germs.

Take into consideration the size of your house

This detail is important because it will help you decide on the type of water filtration system you will purchase. For example, if you only install a filter on the tap in the kitchen, but you have many bathrooms that would also require filtration due to hard water, you will not be satisfied with the performance of the filter chosen. Also, it would be more expensive to install different filters on every water source when you could opt for a whole house water filter that would easily handle all the water running through your house.